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21 Tips for the Beginner Thru-Hiking Hiker

Thru-Hiking Tips

Completing a thru-hike is going to be among the most profoundly rewarding accomplishments of your lifetime. It is a totally transformative experience. Mustering up the courage to put out in your very first thru-hike just could be the best choices you ever make.

Oh yeah, it will also be hard as hell and you’re going to wish you were dead. Alright, perhaps I am being somewhat underrepresented, but thru-hiking isn’t a walk in the park (Pun intended. I simply could not resist. I attribute my dad ). Listed below are a number of trail-tested recommendations to get you started on what will be among the most demanding and most improving experiences of your lifetime.

First Ascent Hangfire Hoodie

First Ascent Hoodie close look

First Ascent, in case you’re unaware, is that the upmarket rebranding of Eddie Bauer aimed toward more rugged exterior use. They offer you a nice line in fairly well designed clothes such as down jackets and accessories, microfleece shirts, rain gear, and full size arctic/mountaineering gear. It appears that Eddie Bauer possess a sale of any sort daily, and frequently, if you purchase from a few of the shops, you wind up paying 50% less compared to the ticket cost, which constantly sends me home with a grin on my head.

How to Choose Hiking Shoes

How to Choose Hiking Shoes

Hiking is one of the best ways to have adventure through walking in the woods, climbing mountains and rocks. Every step of the activity gets interesting when every requirement is in place. However, most people do not realize the importance is choosing a perfect hiking shoe. The level of enjoyment in your hike is directly proportional to the type of footwear you have.